Cryptomeria japonica varieties

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Cryptomeria japonica varieties

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. A new japonica rice variety is getting popular among...142. And the good thing is that this japonica rice can now be grown in the Philippines...climate. MS 11 is one of the new tropical japonica rice varieties that resulted from a pilot.

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On differences in tolerance to salinity among varieties of Cryptomeria japonica

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Select Yoshino Cryptomeria as privacy trees for Long Island, CT, NY, PA and south of PA, The Cryptomeria japonica Yoshino makes a beautiful privacy screen


Cryptomeria is the national tree of Japan. It can be found planted at many sacred sites and is also planted on a large scale as a forest tree. Only one species exists, Cryptomeria japonica.

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Cryptomeria is a genus of only 1 species; C.Japonica. Though commonly known as the Japanese Cedar it is in fact not a member of the Cedrus family but a part of the Taxodiaceae family along with Yews.

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Cryptomeria japonica "Globosa Nana" Japanese cedar. There are many species and varieties.

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Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica). These have one of the most elegant textural looks of any conifer, created by the very soft, medium-green needles.

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Cryptomeria japonica is the only species in its genus, and Cryptomeria is one of only 10 genera in the ancient family, Taxodiaceae, which once shared the landscape with the dinosaurs.

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2 the language of Japan. --adj. of or relating to Japan, its people, or its language. Phrases and idioms: Japanese cedar = CRYPTOMERIA. Japanese print a colour print from woodblocks. Japanese quince = JAPONICA.